It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the AMFORHT Annual World Forum. This event will be held in Girne American University, Milennium Park, Girne, North Cyprus, from 10 to 13 November 2011.

We are expecting a high volume of attendees from all over the world, gathering together some of the most prominent academics and professionals in the fields of Tourism and Hospitality. Experts from industry, education and administration will be eager to engage with the Forums major discussions on the elected topic of this year: "Alternative hospitality trends in new tourism strategy: Impact on education and human resources development ".

The Forum will offer:
- Official events, such as the opening ceremony, with addresses from prestigious international hospitality and tourism authorities
- Academic sessions led by panels of international tourism lecturers, qualified hotel professionals and other respected experts
- Business networking sessions providing participants with unique opportunities to create new projects and business links with other participants
- Time for social and tourist activities as Amforht Forums are also friendly events !

North Cyprus leisure location and weather conditions are at their best in November. So join us at this upcoming Forum and let's feel the pleasure and enjoy the privilege of the hospitality of GAU INTEB and AMFORHT on the "Island of Venus".

We do hope you will be able to join us and participate as actively as possible. Your experience and input will be of great value to all other attendees, and will help achieve the aim of this AMFORHT Forum: a concrete and humanist contribution to the best education and career development opportunities for the hospitality and tourism sector, in the world.

This Amforht Forum is one of the best meetings we have had in our Amforht life !

The context was difficult, but, together, we have succeeded in this challenge.

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to you and to your Team for the great job they performed : general organization, logistic, technical quality, media presence and monitoring and, overall, the friendliness and availability of all your Team.

I would also like to mention the dedication of your students. Would you please convey my deep gratitude for their kindness and support they have given us permanently during this Forum.

Furthermore, I must express on behalf of the entire Board, my deep appreciation for the tremendous work done personally by Ismet and Emete, and thank you to tell them that I am very proud to now count them among the executives in our Organization. I am sure this position will benefit globally to GAU.

I would also like to express my admiration for the quality of educational services of the GAU, for its impressive size and its influence in Cyprus. I have been able to appreciate your facilities, your educational programs and your organization – this allows me to think that your University is with no doubt among the few leaders of our profession.

On this assurance I wish an excellent growth of the GAU, a peaceful future for you personally and for your great Team, and the insurance to see you now regularly with Ismet and Emete – to work, to philosophize … or to play music and sing !

The success of this Forum has provided all Amforht attendants a new inspiration, a new energy and a real strong desire to accelerate the growth of our Amforht for the benefice of the tourism of tomorrow in general and for the benefice of our Students in particular.

Please receive, Mr Chancellor, dear Serhat, my most sincere gratitude.

Thank you very much for your heartfelt words. We greatly benefited from your visit and have a new appreciation for what you have accomplished as AMFORTH and to hear your vision for the tourism industry. Ismet, Emete and I are energized about the future of our INTEB activities and what we might accomplish together with you and your very valuable board and members of AMFORHT.

GAU success relies heavily on the commitment of its members, students and graduates. Devotion such as Ismet and Emete allows us to be leaders in the field of Tourism & Travel education within our region. Now you have much more idea about North Cyprus and the difficulties that we experience. I would like to express my further appreciation for the extra amoun of time & effort you have on Cyprus conflict issue.

On behalf of GAU Board of Governors, INTEB & myself, we would like to thank you and express my appreciation for the very informative meeting of AMFORHT. I am very glad to hear success of 42nd forum and its being accepted as one of the most successful one by the members. I now have a better understanding and a great respect for your mission in France and want to assure you that we are at your service to support your activities and initiatives. I would like to underline that GAU Universal Campuses would be delighted to open our facility for any event that the AMFORHT is planning or for other use.

Thank you once again President Philippe
Hats off to you.
I wish you and your Board a very prosperous year.

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GAU INTEB (INTERNATIONAL TOURISM EDUCATION BOARD) provides the first Tourism and Hospitality education in Turkey with a single concept. By being different from other short-term seminars, our services consist of vocational programs based on modular programs such as 3-day certificates, 2-month specialized modules, 6-month professional modules, 1-year diploma modules, 4-year undergraduate diplomas in Tourism and Hospitality, Eco-Tourism, Cruise Line Management and Entertainment and Game Management and International Hospitality master programs. The Undergraduate and Master programs are excluded from the scope of Franchise programs.


Our programs are based on American educational system and are practical and solution oriented. Therefore, the new graduates, students, people looking for job, people who wants to develop their existing jobs, people who wants to change their sectors are only some of our target mass and target markets. Our trainees and students receive all tourism and hospitality lectures related to all specializations of the tourism and hospitality industry from intermediate staff to medium-level specialization from the experts of the industry according to the latest needs of the sector. The target mass is much more in numbers compared to the other education fields.

The entire infrastructure, training of the trainers, documents, consultancy etc. will be provided by us for free of charge. Our classes are structed by being different from the typical classrooms and we are providing the education and learning possibilities with a boutique understanding. The entire required infrastructure (curriculum, documents, brochures, catalogues, CDs, student contracts, trainer contracts, certificates, books and etc.) will be met by the headquarters and the training and the recruitments will be realized with a committee of which the headquarters also partakes in. In case of any need, GAU INTEB will provide any kind of infrastructure and support services permanently.
GAU INTEB (International Tourism Education Board) students will be taken away from the typical classroom atmosphere and special care has been given for creating places where the students will achieve their own efficiency in high levels. For this reason, the residences are designed for providing the atmosphere of a Board Meeting at a business center. Rather than the two-seater or single tables and chairs, there are studying placed arranged for making the students feel themselves as they are complete studying atmosphere.

GAU INTEB, in line with the experience of years and with the flexibility brought by the American education system, determines the future of the each student attending these programs together with their consultant instructor on the Tourism and Hospitality Programs where the student wants to specialize in, by arranging their programs. The student first takes the modular program needed.

In order to live the residence pleasure at GAU INTEB and in order to create a more efficient and understandable learning; the lectures are given during the workshop hours for 15 people. Therefore the students have the opportunity to express the subjects which they do not understand completely in an efficient way and ask the instructors to repeat these subjects. Thus, 15 people enjoy the classes taken in a private studying atmosphere and in workshop hours. The workshop hours are performed as a multi-national board meeting of people coming from different cultures and prepare our students to their career in the future.

The latest edition books written by the tourism and hospitality professors holding chairmanship or deanship office at various and most prestigious universities of America and specialized in their fields, will be the books that the students will keep for many years in their libraries. The electronic versions of these books can be provided too. The students are able to have access to the publications of different professors along with the case studies of the relevant lecture in order to gain a different approach and point of view in their studying residences. In addition to these, each class at GAU INTEB has a projector and a remote control in order to ensure the flow of the presentation in a rapid format and instructor has a laptop computer. The instructors have the opportunity to share the relevant topics uploaded in their computers with the students in an electronic format.

In addition to the salaries determined, GAU INTEB also provide insurance to full instructors. The salary is determined according to the number of the working groups and the income of these groups. Each instructor receives 1/3 of the amount remaining after all expenses are deducted from the total revenue from the working group and the instructors of the modules that have become popular and received the highest participation by the end of the year receive an extra salary.

All of the instructors working for GAU INTEB are a part and a partner of this system. Therefore, the employment and salaries of the instructors you are receiving a private lecture are guaranteed with the highest standards.

At GAU INTEB, the students are evaluated according to their maximum contribution and attendance to the at the workshops carried out with a complete hospitality discipline. It is compulsory for the students to have an attendance of minimum 70% to total lecture hours and a passing grade of minimum 70 for the lectures and modules they are taking. At GAU INTEB, the students are subjected to written exams held for evaluating whether they learnt the relevant lecture or not and the results are determined according to the American grading system and according to the evaluations of the instructors and to the performance of the students.

GAU INTEB does not have the , typical cafeteria understanding such as in other schools and training centers. Each studying residence is equipped to meet the water, coffee and tea needs of the students along with the foods and deserts free of charge. The students do not leave the studying room for meeting their needs and they can find the socialization opportunities together with their instructors in these places.

At GAU INTEB, the lectures are 45 minutes. There is a 15-minute break after each lecture. The students are served and respected as they are a university student and as a manager of the future. We say “we are ladies and gentlemen who serve ladies and gentlemen” as the biggest primary success of the service industry. In addition to this, the parents of the students are a part of the total success criteria at GAU INTEB. Therefore, the parents and the instructors arrange a workshop and feedback day in order to provide information about the students during certain periods of the semester, when needed.

GAU INTEB has the accreditation and memberships of world’s leading Tourism and Hospitality authorities. Therefore, it is the only education institution with a membership, approval and cooperation with the institutions such as UNWTO TEDQUAL (World Tourism Organization Quality in the Education Accreditation) in the Tourism and Hospitality Education sector in Near East, Middle East and South Mediterranean, AMFORHT (World Tourism Education Union) asked in every part of Europe as a standard identifier, the IHRA (International Hotel & Restaurant Association) headquartered at Switzerland and the IH (Institute of Hospitality) from the UK. Its name comes from these international memberships. Thus, it is the only and the most important standard identifying and determining the element in this field.

The students may contact us with the pre-registration form on A representative from the GAUINTEB and GAU İSTANBUL offices will contact you within 72 hours after you submit your application.
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