It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the AMFORHT Annual World Forum. This event will be held in Girne American University, Milennium Park, Girne, North Cyprus, from 10 to 13 November 2011.

We are expecting a high volume of attendees from all over the world, gathering together some of the most prominent academics and professionals in the fields of Tourism and Hospitality. Experts from industry, education and administration will be eager to engage with the Forums major discussions on the elected topic of this year: "Alternative hospitality trends in new tourism strategy: Impact on education and human resources development ".

The Forum will offer:
- Official events, such as the opening ceremony, with addresses from prestigious international hospitality and tourism authorities
- Academic sessions led by panels of international tourism lecturers, qualified hotel professionals and other respected experts
- Business networking sessions providing participants with unique opportunities to create new projects and business links with other participants
- Time for social and tourist activities as Amforht Forums are also friendly events !

North Cyprus leisure location and weather conditions are at their best in November. So join us at this upcoming Forum and let's feel the pleasure and enjoy the privilege of the hospitality of GAU INTEB and AMFORHT on the "Island of Venus".

We do hope you will be able to join us and participate as actively as possible. Your experience and input will be of great value to all other attendees, and will help achieve the aim of this AMFORHT Forum: a concrete and humanist contribution to the best education and career development opportunities for the hospitality and tourism sector, in the world.

This Amforht Forum is one of the best meetings we have had in our Amforht life !

The context was difficult, but, together, we have succeeded in this challenge.

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to you and to your Team for the great job they performed : general organization, logistic, technical quality, media presence and monitoring and, overall, the friendliness and availability of all your Team.

I would also like to mention the dedication of your students. Would you please convey my deep gratitude for their kindness and support they have given us permanently during this Forum.

Furthermore, I must express on behalf of the entire Board, my deep appreciation for the tremendous work done personally by Ismet and Emete, and thank you to tell them that I am very proud to now count them among the executives in our Organization. I am sure this position will benefit globally to GAU.

I would also like to express my admiration for the quality of educational services of the GAU, for its impressive size and its influence in Cyprus. I have been able to appreciate your facilities, your educational programs and your organization – this allows me to think that your University is with no doubt among the few leaders of our profession.

On this assurance I wish an excellent growth of the GAU, a peaceful future for you personally and for your great Team, and the insurance to see you now regularly with Ismet and Emete – to work, to philosophize … or to play music and sing !

The success of this Forum has provided all Amforht attendants a new inspiration, a new energy and a real strong desire to accelerate the growth of our Amforht for the benefice of the tourism of tomorrow in general and for the benefice of our Students in particular.

Please receive, Mr Chancellor, dear Serhat, my most sincere gratitude.

Thank you very much for your heartfelt words. We greatly benefited from your visit and have a new appreciation for what you have accomplished as AMFORTH and to hear your vision for the tourism industry. Ismet, Emete and I are energized about the future of our INTEB activities and what we might accomplish together with you and your very valuable board and members of AMFORHT.

GAU success relies heavily on the commitment of its members, students and graduates. Devotion such as Ismet and Emete allows us to be leaders in the field of Tourism & Travel education within our region. Now you have much more idea about North Cyprus and the difficulties that we experience. I would like to express my further appreciation for the extra amoun of time & effort you have on Cyprus conflict issue.

On behalf of GAU Board of Governors, INTEB & myself, we would like to thank you and express my appreciation for the very informative meeting of AMFORHT. I am very glad to hear success of 42nd forum and its being accepted as one of the most successful one by the members. I now have a better understanding and a great respect for your mission in France and want to assure you that we are at your service to support your activities and initiatives. I would like to underline that GAU Universal Campuses would be delighted to open our facility for any event that the AMFORHT is planning or for other use.

Thank you once again President Philippe
Hats off to you.
I wish you and your Board a very prosperous year.

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What is INTEB-HMD?

This one year programme is designed to provide main elements of the hospitality industry by offering six modules which are all enhanced with the latest developments and requirements of the dynamic hospitality environment.

Who can be intereseted in this programme?

INTEB HMD is a fast-track to obtain a diploma in the field of hospitality.

Professionals: It is very beneficiary for those hospitality professionals who have been in the hospitality sector for long years and lack a diploma in hospitality. This is an excellent programme to enhance experience with an internationally accepted hospitality diploma.

Students: This diploma can be an excellent way of embracing both the spirit and the knowledge of hospitality. It is especially advised for non-tourism students who would like to add value to their resumes and have desire to extend and prove their knowledge in hospitality.

What is the duration of each module?

Each module is twenty-one hours and generally three hours each week for seven weeks is the duration of each module.

Do you have flexiblility in durations of the modules?

According to the neccessities and requirements of different groups, we offer intensive programmes upto eight weeks to obtain gateway to hospitality. Please contact us for details.

How many people do you need to offer INTEB-HMD who would like to have intensive programme?

Minimum of fifteen people are required to open INTEB-HMD.

Modules in the programme

- Tourism & Hospitality English
- Hotel Operations Management
- Food and Beverage Manegement
- International Hotel Management
- Human Resource Management for Hospitality
- Marketing and Sales Management for Hospitality

This module is especially designed to embrace all the necessary communication required with a guest in one of the most important and frequently used language- English. Moreover, all the examples are used to empower the key service knowledge which can also be used to enhance the international service standards.
This course is designed to provide the students with a general understanding of the dynamics of the lodging industry, and specifically the operations and management of today’s modern hotels and dynamic tourism industry.
This module is designed to present the latest and most relevant information in the field of food and service management. It includes the basic principles of food and service that can be applied to the operation of any type of food and service. The impact of current social, economic, technological, and political factors on these operations is also covered.
The module is designed to present a broad perspective of the international hospitality business to participants. It highlights both the similarities and the differences in the objectives and practices of the wide range of sectors comprising the hospitality business, ranging from government institutional establishments to tourists hotels of varying size andmanagement philosophies. The course takes a broad worldview that will help the student to place the Middle East, EU ; Turkey, and North Cyprus in an international perspective.
This module is designed to outline the key features of correct human resource management which is the key especially for the success of any service related industry. Responsibilities, departemental interactions, liason of subordinates, motivational tools are covered in this module.
This module discusses the application of the concepts and principles of marketing to the specialized tourism and hospitality business. The changing nature of 4 Ps of marketing: promotion, price, place and product will be explained to the participants in relation to unique and perishable nature of the product offered, its intangibility and the need to sell most of its products “unseen” and at a distance. The approaches available for market research will be presented. Students will be guided through the steps required to effectively plan and implement a marketing strategy for a hospitality venue or leisure attraction. Advertising methods, target marketing and factors in consumer preference will be covered.